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Change The Way You Think About Yourself!

Given the choice between being happy and being miserable which would you choose? The answer seems pretty obvious—you’d choose to be happy of course. Many people think that happiness is something that eludes them, as if happiness is something that happens by chance like the lottery. Because they see happiness this way, they believe that the only step necessary to have a shot at happiness is to buy a couple of tickets and wait for the results. But happiness doesn’t work like that. You need to work on being happy in order to be happy.
Sure, there will be many things in life that you will have no control over and will weigh your life down. However these things alone cannot define how you will generally feel about your life. You have the permission to be sad, lonely or angry—the questions is, have you actually permitted yourself to feel this way or are you bottling these emotions up because acknowledging them seems to be a sign of failure? This is just one example of choosing to be happy even amidst the chaos of life. Give yourself a break and accept the things that you cannot change—good and bad—then dust yourself off and move forward.

There are so many tricks available to us humans to stay happy. It actually involves very little: just a change in the way you think, a little change in perspective. You will see that once you achieve a little mind shift, wonderful things can happen. What do we mean by mind shift? To put it simply, take this as an example: you’re single and you’re bemoaning your fate on your looks. You feel like you don’t have the perfect figure or that you’re not pretty enough—you dwell on this and don’t go out since nobody appreciates you anyway. Do you see where this is going? You’re not actually making yourself more charming by sulking and wallowing in your pity party. There are so many guys and gals out there who are not the model type but have people fawning at their feet. Why? Mainly because they make the people around them feel good. And they are present. And they look happy. So perk up, change your perspective. It’s not always about the way you look, 50% of it is about your attitude.

Another way to stay happy is to surround yourself with people who inspire you. Many times we get stuck in relationships that are “toxic”—with people whose company seems to suck the living daylights out of us. These are the complainers, the naggers, the so-called “frenemies”, the cheaters, the liars and so many, many, many more. These people can’t necessarily be tagged “bad” all the way through. I’m sure some of them are wonderful people who just have a problem with staying positive or they have a bad case of exaggeration. There might be people who will thrive in their company, but the thing is if they’re weighing you down, then they’re bad for you. Slowly distance yourself from this kind of bad energy because they can pull you so quickly back from working so hard at being happy. Some people might be family, so it’s impossible to cut them off from your life. You can distance yourself from the negative vibes by avoiding the matters which seems to set them off. If it’s about money matters, then avoid monetary transactions with family members. Try your best to interact with them mostly in loving settings, such as family reunions, dinners, birthdays and such. And because you’re family, you should also be able to honestly tell them about what’s bothering you.

And this leads to another tip for happiness: be honest and true to yourself and to others. If something is making you feel bad, then acknowledge it. Don’t try to mask it by pretending to feel otherwise so that other people can have their fun. While it’s true that sometimes you will have to do this for people you love, be careful not to make it a recurring situation. If you don’t like being in a certain situation say so. Chances are, people will understand—don’t decide that they won’t even before you’ve tried speaking your mind.

The most important tip on how to be happy is to have a renewed appreciation of yourself. Love yourself just a little more each day—look in the mirror (literally and figuratively) and you will be sure to find more than a hundred reasons to fall in love with yourself just a little bit more. If it helps, keep a journal. Do you love your generosity? Your green thumb? That lone dimple? Your work ethics? The way that other people view you will be affected by the way that you view yourself. If you’re down on yourself, then most probably other people will have a pretty hard time viewing you in a positive light. But if you’re beaming with pride, then you stand tall, you have a radiant smile and you are just oozing confidence—and this is very hard not to notice. Happiness IS a conscious decision. You CAN decide to be happy.