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Choosing The Right Fitness Program, Assessment, Goals

When it comes to getting fit, the time to do it is right now. If you’re like the countless others who are only about to get into a fitness regimen for the very first time, there are some things to consider to ensure that you will have a great journey towards getting fit.
Step 1: Know where you stand in terms of fitness.

It would be best to start with a visit to the doctor to know in what state your fitness is in and to be able to ask whether your planned routine is safe for you. Individuals who are suffering from chronic conditions such as heart problems, hypertension, diabetes and obesity should especially pay attention to their fitness levels.

In order to assess you fitness level, you can try measuring your pulse rate before and after walking for a mile and how long it took you to walk that one mile. You can also measure your body mass index and tailor your routine according to what is advised for that BMI. The important things is to make sure that you don’t over exert yourself by doing routines that are beyond what your body is conditioned to do. Doing so can lead to injuries.

Step 2: Know your fitness goals.

In any journey, you should have a destination. This is also true for fitness programs, you should know what your end goals are. Having a goal keeps you motivated and keeps your progress measurable. This could be measured in terms of how many pounds lost you’re aiming for and in how many months; how much inches you want to lose around the waist; what dress size you want to be after 6 months; or how many miles you could run after 3 months.

Step 3: Consider what you love doing.

It’s better to do something that you like so that you don’t need much convincing doing it. It’s hard to commit to a fitness regimen if you don’t like what you’re doing. For instance, if you hate running, you don’t have to run. You can always do swimming, dance lessons, or sports like volleyball or badminton.  Half of getting fit is a mind game: it’s about motivating yourself to push on and doing something that you love definitely helps in this department.

Step 4: Consider your time and budget.

Some fitness programs will require gym memberships, while others may require class enrolments. These types of activities will cost varying amounts of money, which is ok if you can afford it. There are many forms of exercise though, like running and hiking, that do not have to cost anything at all. moreover, you should consider the available time that you have to exercise. You wouldn’t want to enroll in a class if this means that you have to go sprinting from work to the venue. Take into account your schedule to make your fitness program more effective and stress-free.

Step 5: Have the right gear.

For instance if you plan on running, make sure that you have the right footwear that will absorb maximum impact and cushion your feet and ankles while you run. Having the right gear will ensure that you stay comfortable while preventing injury. Same goes for hiking, dancing, and other sports.