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Is Your Makeover Really Necessary?

Cosmetic surgery is now mostly an accepted medical procedure, socially speaking. Being an open practice has paved the way for cosmetic surgery to be safer and more affordable because of regulations that have been put in place, and the competition means that the deals have become better and better. These situations make it possible for people who were only dreaming of having a physical feature changed in the past make it a reality.
But this doesn’t mean that cosmetic surgery is risk free. Everyone should still give the thought a thorough evaluation before deciding to push through with it. Cosmetic surgery can do wonders in boosting not only a person’s physical appearance it can also improve a person’s self-esteem and confidence; however the procedure in most cases are irreversible so a person must commit to the decision 100% before undertaking it.

Here are some points to consider before deciding on having cosmetic surgery.

What are your expectations? Cosmetic surgery should serve only to enhance what you naturally have and not to replace your body part entirely. Cosmetic surgery should be looked at as a tool to an improved you but not as a brand new you. Having exceedingly high expectations can set you up for disappointment or can push you to ask for procedures that may produce unnatural results. Some women who are in their 60’s want to have facelifts that will make them look like they’re in their 30’s, and the procedure leaves them looking like a feline. Some ask for breast sizes that are several cups above their normal size that they end up looking severely disproportionate. You should manage your expectations such that you can expect an improved version of yourself, not somebody else entirely.

Are you doing this for yourself or for someone else? Cosmetic surgery should be a personal decision that you make not for anybody else but for yourself. At the end of the day you are who has to live with this change for better or for worse. Don’t undergo cosmetic surgery for the sake of saving a rocky relationship, to catch the eye of a certain man or woman, or to please your husband or wife. These could be secondary motivators, but these should never be the primary reason for going under the knife. You should only undergo cosmetic surgery if you know that it would make you happy.

Am I psychologically ready for this change? Many people who have undergone cosmetic surgery have reported depression following their procedures, probably because the outcome did not match their expectations or they find it hard to deal with the change even though it yielded satisfactory results. Ideally, patients should undergo psychological evaluation before committing to cosmetic surgery, to ensure that they can emotionally deal with the physical transformation.

Can I afford it? Cosmetic surgery can end up costing thousands of dollars plus more for the time taken off work. Is this something that you have saved up with or are you blowing your children’s educational fund just to get a brand new nose? Remember that you also need to have contingency funds for medication as well as for the time that you are not earning because you are recuperating. Any complications will also entail additional medical costs. Before diving into cosmetic surgery, make sure you have the financial aspect of it covered.

Do I trust my doctor? Many are lured into fly by night clinics that are promising lowers costs for cosmetic surgery. While some of these are legit, it is better to go with a doctor that people can vouch for. Your doctor should b able to answer all your questions and not be rushing into the procedure. He should be able to explain every step of the procedure to you if you need to know it. Don’t be drawn in by the price alone--- if the procedure gets botched, you’ll be paying the price for the years to come.

Understand the risks. Like in any surgical procedure, there are some risks when it comes to cosmetic surgery. One could be a risk of infection, or a risk of excessive bleeding. You may need t spend longer in the hospital than you originally anticipated, and there may be a risk that you’ll pay more too. Moreover, there is also a risk that the outcome may not be exactly as you had hoped for. Be prepared for any of these eventualities.