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Entering Puberty In Girls

There comes a time when little girls need to make the transformation into being young adults. This time is called puberty, when certain body changes happen to prepare them for adulthood. Think of a metamorphosing caterpillar about to turn into a butterfly, only without the need for a cocoon.
Puberty usually begins around the age of 9 when children’s legs and arms begin growing ahead of the rest of the body. At around this age children begin turning into gangly creatures that are all hands and feet. This is because the limbs tend to be the first parts of the body to grow, followed by the torso. At age nine, girls will usually have reached about 17-18% of their adult height. This growth spurt will reach its peak at about six months before they first menstruate.

Little girls coming into puberty will also begin putting on weight. You will notice that their arms and legs will become thicker, as well as their hips. As the waist goes thinner, you will begin to notice how a child’s body is slowly turning into that of a woman’s. Some kids may be susceptible to a lot of weight gain during this time, so parents are advised to help them with their diet if they show signs of being overweight.

Girls entering puberty will also start developing breasts. Some develop it before the age of 9, some will develop it later. The issue would have been taken up in school, the body changes that they will experience as they get older. If they have already discussed the subject in class, then breast development might come as no mystery to them. But if they hadn’t it is probably best to have a talk with your child so that she will know what to expect if she hasn’t developed breasts yet, and she will know what is happening if she already has developed breasts.

They might feel insecure about this new development in their body. Girls who are developing breasts should begin wearing a bra, called trainer’s bra. She might not be able to shop for her own so it is best that the parents purchase it for her, but it might be a better idea to take her along shopping. It is best done with the mom, aunt, or older sister, a female figure that she can share her feelings with, with less embarrassment.

Pubescent girls will also begin growing hair in places such as in the underarms, in the legs and arms and in the genital area. Hair around the arms and legs is usually not a problem, but hair around the armpit is usually shaven off. She may become conscious about this so guide her through the proper way to do it, especially since it involves a razor. You may also take this time to talk to her about underarm body odor and the proper way to control it.

After the breasts develop, the child will usually soon after have her first menstrual period. This might scare some kids because it involves blood, so it is important to have a talk with them so they would know what to expect. They need answers to questions such as: will it hurt? Does it stop? What should I do? They should be shown the proper way to deal with their period such as taking them shopping for sanitary pads (tampons are best for older teens and up) and the proper way to use them. They should also be prepared for what to watch out for such as menstrual cramps, mood swings and how to deal with them.