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No Short Cuts Or Spot Exercises - Sorry!

They say that one man’s asset is another’s deformity and this saying can apply to breast sizes. Oftentimes women want bigger boobs—how else can you explain the exponential growth of breast augmentation procedures? When it comes to women’s breasts, the motto seems to be “the bigger, the better”. However there are some women who are endowed with such, uh, ample assets, and they want nothing more than to reduce their breast size. Men aren’t safe either because although their breasts are not as pronounced, they still tend to suffer from having “man-boobs” which many would be happy to be rid of. For these people, both men and women, having such big breasts is cause for embarrassment, a disproportionate figure and social stigma.
There is a quick way to do it—via surgery. But most people would opt not to have to go under the knife and are thus looking for natural means to reduce their breast sizes. For women, a big breast size is mostly genetic—if your mother at a thin size had large breasts, then most likely she passed that on to you. But another factor is that because the breast is mostly made up of fat (adipose tissue), if you have a significant amount of fat in your body then your breasts are probably large too. For women, the solution to reducing breast size is to lose a certain percentage of this body fat and the breast fat will decrease along with it, leading to smaller breasts. However, there are no spot exercises that will specifically target the breast area. The solution is to engage in aerobic exercises which will cause you to lose weight. It is important to note though that women with big breasts should pace their training sensibly since losing weight in such a small amount of time (and especially in the absence of muscle firming exercises) can cause the breasts to droop—causing it to sag and look deformed.

Men should consult with their doctors first about what’s causing them to develop man-boobs. For chunkier individuals the cause could simply be excess fat, but for some the cause could be a medical condition that they are not aware of. If the cause is hormonal, then the solution might have to be taking oral medication or surgery. In the case of men who are simply accumulating fat in the breast area because of weight gain, sad to say there isn’t a spot breast reduction exercise either. The answer is again to lose the excess weight in order to see some improvements in the size of the male breasts. Aerobic exercises coupled with strength training that will target the chest muscles will get men on the way to smaller and firmer breasts. Doing push-ups is one good strength exercise that can supplement your cardio routine, making your male breasts less noticeable.

For both men and women, the following exercises are recommended for losing weight: brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, interval training, stationary bikes or dancing. Recommended strength training exercises include push-ups, lift-ups, bench presses and cable crossover.  To ensure safety and to avoid injury, consult with your doctor and fitness instructor about the safest way to reduce your chest size.