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Reduce Overall Body Fat And Do All The Core Exercises!

Ab exercises are some of the most popular exercises, EVER. Whether you’re a novice of a strict athlete, you’ve probably gravitated towards improving the appearance and state of your abs. who can blame you and the millions of people who are working to get a flatter stomach? A flatter stomach means you look good in clothes, you fit better in jeans, you can strut confidently in your swimwear and you look great naked. But more than just for aesthetic purposes, a flatter stomach also means better health. People who have less abdominal fat are actually at a lesser risk of contracting certain diseases including diabetes.
Given the proliferation of numerous “miracle ab systems” out in the market today—you see them in practically every infomercial program and in internet ads—the truth is that getting great abs is hard work. It’s not a case of just doing a week or two of crunches and you’ll see the fats disappear. Sure, spot exercises targeting the stomach area is great and is an integral part in achieving a flatter stomach, but you can’t have a flat belly when the rest of you is big.

So what are we saying? In order to get a flatter stomach, you need to work on reducing your body fat all over the body, then the belly fat will also follow out the door. This can only be achieved by performing ab exercises in conjunction with two other important factors—diet and aerobic exercise.

By performing aerobic exercises you burn the fats in your body. If you are out of shape, you can do mild to moderate exercises, gradually building it up until you are able to take on more intense exercises. It is important to build up your endurance so that your body sheds the layer of fat that is covering your ab muscles more efficiently. You can also try interval training which is a few minutes spurt of intense activity, then followed by mild to moderate activity, then another burst of intense activity. This form of exercise builds endurance and stamina which is important in losing weight.

When it comes to what you eat, you should stick to high fiber, low fat foods. You should avoid crash dieting because you still need the energy that you get from food and carbohydrates to sustain you in your exercises. Eat loads of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and fish—these foods are generally good for people who want to lose weight and achieve optimal health.

Your strength exercises should work on your core muscles and not just your abs. Working on the core muscles around the torso increases your endurance and also prevents injuries from happening. Ab targeting exercises include ab crunches, foot reaching, bicycle exercise, ball crunch, vertical leg crunch, and the plank.

Before engaging in these exercises, be sure to consult with your doctor to make sure that it is safe for you. This is especially true for people suffering from chronic conditions like obesity, heart disease and diabetes.