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Ring The Changes And Keep It Exciting!

Running, biking, weight training—some people just seem to have natural aptitude for it. They bounce merrily out of their homes on the way to fitness class or their personal exercise. You don’t have to feel so guilty if you don’t “absolutely love” exercising—here’s an open secret: not everyone enjoys exercising. But there is no question that we all should be exercising. Exercise is good for everyone because of the multiple benefits it provides: it protects us from diseases, it keeps us strong, youthful and will certainly help us live longer.
So what can a person do if he or she is not so excited about exercise? For many, it might be a case of just being plain old tired after coming from work or taking care of the kids, that exercise just seems like an added task to an already busy day. For others it’s a case of giving up a few extra blissful hours of sleep or rest, time away from TV or your favorite video game. No wonder there needs to be some extra motivation when it comes to exercise!

Here are some tips that may be useful to people who are looking to liven their exercise routines up.

Dress for the occasion. It’s more inspiring to exercise when you look and dress the part. If you want to start running, buy yourself a good pair of running shoes, comfortable shorts, jogging pants and running top. Just like it’s more exciting to go out at night when you know you’ve got a cute new dress, the outfit can help perk you up too. It doesn’t only help your psyche, it can actually protect you too: good running shoes can reduce the shock on your feet and ankles and reduces risk of injury. Good clothes will keep sweat away from your body and will keep your skin drier even as you sweat.

Put some music on! The cadence that comes from good music sets the rhythm to your routine. It also gives you a good indicator of how long your routine should last while allowing time to fly faster. For instance, you can set your exercise to 20 minutes or roughly 6 Katy Perry songs. Having a soundtrack to your exercise can also make the experience more personal to you.

Enroll in classes. When you enroll in exercise classes, you can look forward to meeting new people. It is also good for beginners since they know that they are in a group with the same fitness level as them. The group interaction also makes it a more exciting and dynamic environment and makes it seem less work and more fun. When you have formed friendships in the class, it can also make you more eager to attend future sessions.

Exercise with your family and friends. Who said exercise has to be done alone? It’s a good motivator to have friends or family exercising with you. This could be a pal from work who you can head straight to the gym with. It’s nice to know that while at the gym you don’t have to keep mum and just concentrate on the treadmill, that there is someone there that you can discuss the day’s activity with while getting fit. At home, you can set an afternoon jogging with the kids or head as a family to the playground while you have a go at the monkey bars yourself.

Move locations. You don’t have to stick to one place all the time. If you’re enrolled in a gym, don’t just stick to the treadmill—all of the equipment are at your disposal so why not try to learn a new exercise? If you’re a runner, try exploring another neighborhood instead of your own? If there are nature trails around your home, all the better. Vary your routine a little bit and your exercise will always have a new component to it.

Write it all down. A good motivator for exercising is seeing progress. Keep a journal of how much weight you’ve lost since exercising, how much less off the waistline and how much fitter you’ve become. ow H