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Health For Tweens And Teens, Awkward, Adult World

Tweeners and teenagers undergo a lot of changes in their bodies so they call for special attention when it comes to their health. Some may not be particularly familiar with the term “tween”, only hearing it from certain Disney shows or a certain market for music. “Tween” is that awkward phase between childhood and the teenage years, when children are not quite children anymore but not teenagers yet either.
The tween years will be the start for most kids to be curious about the ‘adult’ world. They may be curious about relationships, developing crushes, curious about alcohol and curious about sex (although they may not have had sex yet, they will be curious about the topic). It would be good if parents were on hand to discuss these topics with them. They may be awkward, but sometimes it helps to divvy the responsibility up between the mother and the father, girls for girls and boys for boys.

It is also around the tween years that your daughter will undergo menstruation. Talk to her about what this means, and what special care she needs to take when she has her period. She will also develop breasts at this point, and this may make her shy and awkward in the beginning. Take her out shopping for some girl time, stocking up on items such as sanitary napkins and some trainers bra. Boys will also undergo some changes around this period, some who develop early might undergo vocal change, from high pitched to a lower pitch. They might also begin to have sexual responses that their fathers or trusted relatives might need to talk to them about.

When kids enter their teenage years, many parents will attest to this being a nightmare phase. Teenagers can be difficult, opinionated and more worryingly, experimental. Just try to think back to your teenage years: chances are they wouldn’t be much different from how you were back then. During the teenage years they will probably have sex, try alcohol and try other vices. This will also be a time that will test their self-esteem.

Parents can only hope that they have taught their kids responsible behavior so that they will make the right choices when they get out into the world. But this is not always the case, because no matter how well we teach our children there will always be circumstances that will test their mettle. This is part of growing up and developing into capable adults.

Talk to your children about responsible sex when they enter their teen years. Or if the topic is too awkward to breach, make sure that they have someone else who could talk to them about it, like a health care professional or school counselor. They should also know the dangers of drinking and smoking, as well as the responsibility that comes along with drinking.

Parents should also watch out for self-esteem issues. Many teenagers will have puberty associated problems including acne. While this may sound like a shallow health concern, it can do damage to a child’s self-esteem if he or she gets bullied about it, or feel like they don’t fit in because of it. Another more serious health concern is childhood obesity, which affects more and more children in the United States.  This can bring about other health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. If your child is suffering from obesity, take the necessary steps to get his weight back to normal or consult with your health care professional.