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Shortcuts Don't Work!

Sensa is a “revolutionary” new product which claims to be able to help people lose weight without portion control, exercise, or food deprivation. Also known as the “sprinkle diet” sensa crystals are called “tastants” which enhances the natural taste of food which the manufacturers claim can enhance the feeling of being full upon smelling and tasting the food, prompting the user to eat less. The composition of Sensa isn’t exactly rocket science: it’s a combination of matodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, carmine, soy products and milk products.
According to Sensa founder Alan Hirsch, “"The flavors may make people focus on the sensory characteristics of food -- smell and taste -- and can actually cause a change in eating habits and behavior.”

Sounds too good to be true? It most likely is. There are conflicting reviews of Sensa, some people claim that it does work, but an overwhelming number of people also find it disappointing when it comes to helping them lose weight. The word scam is brandished because Sensa is not cheap—a one-month starter kit costs around $59 while a 6-month kit costs a whopping $239. Most are drawn by its promise of a free trial but many customers report that they get charged and get auto billed at the end of the trial period. The customers complain about unethical business practice by Sensa since they do not explicitly specify that it is an automatic enrolment plan and that they need to send all the product back within 30 days otherwise they get charged $89.99.

Another point for discussion is Sensa’s claim of their weight-loss results being based on “clinical” studies. It must be noted that since Sensa is technically a dietary supplement, it is not mandated by the FDA to submit clinical trials (the standard for research) and thus their claims can stand unsubstantiated. The study from Sensa has never been validated nor peer reviewed and thus cannot be taken as absolute fact.

There are also a number of reasons why Sensa is not the recommended course of action for people who want to lose weight. Here are some of them:

Your weight is probably caused by more than just overeating because of feeling hungry. People who are overweight and obese many times have a problem with binge eating, emotional eating, or other underlying causes for weight gain. Even if Sensa did work and enhance the feeling of being full, the truth is that this does not guarantee that users will be dissuaded from eating any more food once they’re full.

Sprinkle diet seems to indicate that eating any kind of food is OK as long as you eat it with Sensa. This is not a good way to approach a diet since this does not promote healthy eating. Diet is more than just cutting food portions, it’s also about making wise choices about what goes into the body.

Sensa disregards the importance of exercise. Sensa promotes itself as being a quick fix to being overweight sans exercise. However, it doesn’t really address other issues that come along with being overweight such as having cardiovascular problems or being at an increased risk of certain diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The truth of the matter is that you can only be healthier if you address these issues. What use is being thinner if you’re as unhealthy as you were before losing weight? You only address one facet of the problem and still leave a whole heap of junk behind by choosing a quick fix.

The Sensa diet is not sustainable. If you do lose weight via Sensa, the only option to stay thin seems to be to take Sensa forever. There doesn’t seem to be a stress on weaning users off of the product with proper diet and exercise so that they can be healthy and maintain the weight loss even after the product.

When it comes to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, there is no shortcut. You may achieve good results from a product in the beginning, but this should not be the be all and end all of your diet. It is important to take care of your inside as well as your outside by taking into account a diet that brings about a lessened risk of diseases and a better state of mental health without having to depend on supplements.