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Keys To Good Health For Women, Breast Care, Cervical And Reproductive Health

Women are obviously structurally different from men, so in many respects we have differences when it comes to health concerns. As we grow older there are health concerns that we will share with men such as those regarding the heart, kidney health, and others. But being women we have to add a little bit more to that list.

For most women, what tops the health list is breast care. While breast cancer can affect both men and women, there is a stark difference: cases of women contracting the disease are more than 100 times greater than men. It is one of the leading cases of deaths in women, accounting for about 13.7% of all cancer mortality. One of the easiest ways to monitor your breast health is to learn about breast self-exam. Through this method, you can be able to find any lumps or abnormalities on the breast yourself. You should also consider getting a regular screening, such as mammograms, clinical breast exams as well as ultrasounds.

Women should also look into their cervical health. Cervical cancer is again, one of the leading causes of deaths in women. The good news is that it is easily treatable if it is detected early. Younger girls are advised to get themselves vaccinated, while older women are advised to go on regular cervical screening.

Because we are the gender that carries children, women should also concern themselves with reproductive health. Women who wish not to conceive have a range of options to protect themselves against pregnancy, but they should know about the benefits and risks of each. Condoms and other barrier methods are available, with differing efficacy. There is also the pill which is usually made of a combination of hormones, which are generally safe but should be carefully administered. In the case of reproductive health, women should consult with their health care provider for the best option suited to them.

Women also have to deal with many changes in their bodies throughout their lives. These can include hormonal changes, from adolescence to the child-bearing years to menopause. Teenagers should be educated about reproduction and their reproductive health. Menopause on the other hand deals some health risks on women because the protective action of being on the child bearing years has been removed. Menopausal women should consult with their health care provider in order to reduce the risks of certain diseases.

Women will also have many cosmetic concerns such as those concerning the skin, hair and even the breasts. Many women are concerned about getting the perfect figure and face, subjecting themselves to cosmetic surgery and enhancements. This is a personal decision but before embarking on this journey, ask yourself whether you are psychologically ready for this type of change and weigh they risks versus the benefits. Many of these procedures such as nose lifts and facelifts are irreversible so make sure you are 100% sure of your decision, and make sure as well that you have absolute confidence in your surgeon.