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Knowing Your Disease And Helping Others

Around the world, there are millions of people living with cancer. It is never good news when you are told that you have a potentially deadly disease and that you have to fight a very hard battle in order to overcome it. But for people diagnosed with cancer, this is a reality that they have to accept and live with.  Perhaps it should come as no surprise that cancer patients have found ingenious ways of enriching their lives even as they are struggling with it. Because of this, many people with cancer do not simply live with the disease, they thrive in spite of it.
One of the most important things to do when you are diagnosed with cancer is to keep your friends and family around you. At this time, they will be your pillars of strength and the people who will get you through. They will be your hands and feet when your treatment wears you down, they will be the ears to listen when you are feeling low and they will be the ones to nurse you back to health. Having a steady support group is winning half the battle with cancer.

Here are some other tips on how to live with cancer:

Understand you disease. Knowing all you can about your disease makes you understand how it works and how to fight it better. Develop a close relationship with your doctor and ask all the questions that you want in order to understand what’s happening. Do research on your medication, what each one is for, and understand complications and side effects. When you’re armed with knowledge, you are one step ahead and this means that you’re not letting cancer take over your life.

Be proactive when it comes to your treatment. Pair your medications with a healthy diet that is full of cancer fighting nutrients and practice a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle can include regular exercise and avoidance of vices like smoking and alcohol. Take all prescribed medication on time and attend all scheduled check-ups.

Try to live your life as normally as you can. The only thing that’s changed about you is that you need to deal with this disease. It doesn’t mean that your world has to stop—to the contrary, at this time maintaining a degree of normalcy in your life is the key to staying mentally healthy with cancer. Carry on with your work if your body is still able, keep on cooking and preparing meals for the kids if this is your routine. Keeping busy does wonders in taking your mind off the disease. Many cancer patients also take pleasure from volunteering in their local communities or in other organizations—sometimes related to their specific cancer or other times in causes unrelated to their condition. Others prefer to work with underprivileged groups such as the homeless, with the elderly or with humanitarian efforts—this gives them a much needed sense of perspective, showing them that there are people who are worse off than them and it also shows them the resiliency of the human spirit. This is important in getting them through their fight ahead.

Share your experience. More and more cancer patients discover the advantage that today’s technology can bring when it comes to sharing their experience with cancer. Some take up writing in blogs or recording video blogs for family and friends so that they can involve their loved ones in the process of healing. Many of these blogs balloon into something more—being seen by millions of people and soon enough becoming a source of inspiration to people battling the same disease or it becomes a metaphor for any battle in life. Cancer patients who start sharing their experience feel a sense of community because of this, and they have found a new vocation because of their disease. Even without the audience, simply recording what you’re going through is still a therapeutic activity and a good means to track you progress against cancer.