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Long Distance Running, Rigorous, Well-Conditioned, Stamina, Discipline, Technique

People who feel like they have “graduated” from short distance sprints naturally gravitate towards the more challenging world of long distance running. Long distance running is a rigorous sport that requires its athletes to be well-conditioned, full of stamina and equipped with discipline and technique.
Tip#1: Start with waking up a few hours every morning to train. The discipline needed to wake up in the morning to run when you’d rather sleep in will help your discipline in running a long distance run too. Try to aim for at least 5 miles of running at a time, in a slow and steady pace. This will build up your lung capacity as well as your endurance. If you’re running in relative darkness, think of safety and have some reflective bands on you so passing vehicles will know that you are there.

Tip#2: incorporate uphill runs. You can do actual uphill runs in an incline path like going up mountain trails or you can simulate it by running up stairs. This will build up you stamina and endurance as well as strengthen your leg muscles. Remember to run it off on a slow pace after you reach level ground, avoiding sitting because this may cause your muscles to seize.

Tip#3: space your long distance trainings sufficiently. If you decide to do long distance runs as part of your training, make sure to space them apart sufficiently so that your body will have a chance to rest and rebuild. We are talking about 1-3 weeks apart depending on how long your run is.

Tip#4: Increase the mileage week after week. Do not stick with a constant number week after week, try to gradually increase your pace. And you should definitely go for the actual distance you will run in the actual event if not more.

Tip#5: Pace yourself on your runs. Do not treat long distance running as a race and start fast in the beginning. Resist the urge to run full speed because this will only spend your strength and make you perform poorer throughout the run. Go for a slow and steady pace at the beginning and reserve your burst of strength towards the end.

Tip#6: Keep hydrated. Keep water or electrolyte drinks on hand because you will definitely use up fluids in your body. Being hydrated keeps your energy up and lessens your chances of fatigue and lightheadedness.

Tip#6: Have some music. Long distance running is a mental discipline as much as it is a physical one. Listening to music and pacing your run to it makes it easier for a person to funnel thoughts of tiredness, aches and the idea of resting into something else. Check the battery charge before you go out so that your music won’t stop mid-run which can be distracting on itself.

Tip#7: Have a little reward session after your run. Having something to look forward to after the run such as the morning tea or coffee with some bagels, a smoothie or a nice relaxing soak in the tub is a good motivation to reach the end of the run.