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Better Health, More Stamina And Increased Endurance!

One of the most positive and beneficial things that you can do for yourself is to exercise. Exercise not only benefits a person physically it also improves a person’s mental state of health. There are many short term benefits of exercise such as an increase in energy metabolism, elevation of a person’s mood, and promotion of better sleep. Compared to the short term, there are much more benefits that can be taken from regular exercise in the long term.
Stronger heart. Exercise over time increases the size of the heart and thickens its muscle walls. The continuous rapid heart rate with every exercise session gradually builds this up, keeping up with the physical rigors that exercise demands. This change in the heart means that it is stronger and is more efficient in working whether at rest or in motion.

Increase in blood volume per stroke of the heart. Because the heart is stronger and bigger, it can accommodate more blood with every stroke. More blood is distributed throughout the body with every heartbeat.

Decreased resting  and exercise heart rate. Since there is more blood volume per beat and your heart is stronger with each beat, your heart rate at rest becomes slower. Your heart is more efficient at pumping out blood that it needs less of an effort to reach the entire body that before. A normal person’s resting heart rate is at about 60-100 beats per minute while it is not uncommon for seasoned athletes to achieve a 40 BPM heart rate. The same principle applies for the heart rate during exercise since the heart is able to supply the body with the oxygen it needs with fewer beats during exercise.

Faster recovery time from exercise. A person who is active can recover much faster from the rigors of exercise. His pulse rate returns more quickly back to normal and he is also able to stabilize his oxygen debt (the oxygen lost during exercise which needs to be replenished to restore normal function all over the body) more quickly.

Increased stamina and endurance. A person who exercises regularly can sustain movement for longer periods of time. For instance, a person who has been exercising for years can easily run 5 kilometers while a person who has only been exercising for a few months may find himself struggling. The stamina and endurance does not only apply to exercise but in the daily life as well. An active person can perform work without being tired very easily. Hard work for some people such as lifting or walking on multiple flights of stairs is also easier for a person who exercises regularly.

Decrease in body fat. Regular exercise encourages the body to burn calories more easily and more efficiently. People lose weight through exercise because they use up the fat storage in the body and it also increases lean muscle mass. With the increase of muscle mass the body also needs to use up calories more, thus decreasing the amount of unused calories which gets converted to fat in the body.

Promotes bone health. Our bones need stress on it in the form of exercise in order to increase its strength and mass. Increasing bone density and strength lessens our risk of getting osteoporosis and other bone related injuries as we get older.

Exercise promotes increased balance, flexibility and coordination. The more we exercise, the more efficient we become at it. It improves our balance and by the regular stretching and bending of muscles and joints, we achieve better flexibility. Since we use much of our body parts at the same time, it also increases our sense of coordination. All these three combined leads to a lesser risk of injury during exercise and in our everyday lives.

Exercise promotes mental health. People who incorporate physical activity regularly in their lives are generally happier people. Exercise reduces stress levels in people and encourages the release of endorphins in the brain. Moreover, people who exercise also enjoy better sleep, better sex life and better overall health. With all this going on, no wonder people who exercise are also happier!