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Shake It Up A Bit!

Let’s admit it: exercising is not our favorite activity in the world. If it were then you wouldn’t be reading this article in the first place. Don’t feel overly guilty about it, even seasoned athletes have moments when they would rather do anything else rather than train. The good news is that there are ways for you to spice up your exercise routine to fend off boredom.
Sneak in exercise throughout the day. One of the keys to exercising when you don’t want to exercise is to sneak it in throughout the day and to trick your body into doing it without realizing it. For instance, you can do aerobic exercises by walking up and down the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator. That in itself is an exercise, especially if you do it more than once a day (or if your office is located in a higher floor). There are also many other stealthy ways to exercise such as walking to and from lunch, strength training by play, lifting your baby multiple times in a given hour. By participating in your children’s play such as hide and seek, tag or jump rope, you can bond with them while exercising at the same time—and you hardly even notice the effort.

Shake your routine up a bit. If all you do is run in the treadmill without any form of stimulation, you are bound to get bored. Try switching on the TV while running or listening to your MP3 player. You could also try getting out of the home or the gym for a run, and savor the fresh air outside. If running around the neighborhood is your thing and you already find the same environment boring you, then move to another neighborhood. You can also take a weekend vacation to your sister’s house or a friend’s house in a more picturesque part of the country and do an intense 2-day workout from there.

Snag a pal. Talk a friend into going to your workout with you and you’ll soon be motivated to exercise more. This is especially true if you have been exercising for some time and your friend is a new convert. You will be eager to show her the ropes and to engage her in some friendly competition. If you go to a gym, ask a co-worker who works at the same shift as you so you can hit the gym at the same time. Even if you just run around the block before going home, you should try and exercise with a co-worker so you don’t feel the pang of staying behind while everyone else is going home. You can even follow this exercise up with a healthy dinner with your friend.

Reward yourself. Set goals and when you meet milestones, reward yourself. Pat yourself on the back and acknowledge your efforts with a “well done” gift. This could come in the form of a weekend vacation to the beach, buying a new pair of bikinis or a 2 sizes smaller dress, or even a mint choc chip gelato can do the trick. Reward could be a pretty strong motivation to keep going so indulge yourself!