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Time To De-Clutter!

There was a time when all that a person needed to survive was, shelter, food and clothes. Today, life in a fast paced world is a jumble of credit cards, electronic gadgets, school, work, relationships. Living a simpler life doesn’t have to mean you just dwell in a cave wearing loincloth and eating deer meat, but rather getting rid of the unnecessary clutter in your life so that you could de-stress and prioritize what the more important things are.
There may be days when you’re zipping through the house trying to find your eyeglasses or you mind is going haywire from trying to figure out the due payment dates for the numerous bills piling up on your drawer. One way to simplify your life is to start organizing it. Organize every aspect of your life, starting from the most obvious, your home. Survey your living space and look for things that you are not using or you have no need for anymore. Scan you pantry for expired goods and your closet for too small clothes. You can throw these away, give them to other people or simply store them in the attic or garage if you find it hard to let go. Learn to put a proper place for everything, such as the items that you always use should be kept in plain sight, i.e. your eyeglasses should always be on the bedside table when not in use, the keys should be on key holders, etc.

You can also set aside an hour of your time every week dedicated to your finances. Keep a journal or a computer file which summarizes your bills, the amount you need to pay and the due dates. While at it, you can also review your budget for the month and what is available for shopping, etc. Having a monthly plan when it comes to your finances and payables works wonders in simplifying your life.

At work, try not to take on so much stuff that are not actually your responsibilities. Unless absolutely necessary that you take on the responsibility, you can always politely redirect requests or questions to people responsible for the task. You should also try finishing one task at a time in the workplace instead of taking on multiple tasks at once. It would help to have a routine in the office, such as checking the emails first thing in the morning, listing down items according to importance, then acting on them based on the degree of urgency and priority. By doing this, you pay attention to the things that need it the most and let the items that can wait, wait. Organizing your time and allowing yourself to focus on one thing at a time benefits you and lets you produce better results too.

When it comes to activities, try to clear up your calendar. You might be one of those people who have such a hard time saying no to anyone who invites you to birthdays, events or seminars even though you don’t care very much for it. It is OK to say no especially if you’re already stretching yourself too thin. Try to stick to going to events that you really would enjoy, or those that are really necessary.

You should also learn to simplify the stimuli that you get from your environment. At work, you already probably have to deal with computers and the internet, as well as the endlessly ringing phones. At home, learn to shut this off by resisting the urge to check work emails as well as being adamant about your personal time being personal time. If your boss calls asking you to do something urgent, you can politely say that you will do it first thing when you get to the office. In order to simplify, you could also learn to reduce TV time, internet time, video game time so that you could redirect your attention to simpler, stress-free tasks such as reading a book or cooking.