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Rigorous Training - Should You? Intense Regimen, Training Boot Camps

As people become more aware of how fitness can benefit them, more and more are looking into more intense fitness regimen. One of these is what’s called training boot camps, a type of regimen that’s patterned after the training exercises used in the military. Military training is all about pushing the body to its physical limits through repetitive drills, which builds up endurance and stamina. This is why military personnel can run vast distances even with heavy load as well as stand on their feet for hours on end. This type of training is appealing for many fitness buffs but before embarking on it, know if this type of workout is right for you.
 The military style training will usually be facilitated and done as a group, hence the term “boot camp”. Moves will include aerobic and strength training activities like squats, lunges, running, push-ups, sit-ups as well as getting through specially designed obstacles. This is definitely not for the faint hearted, so if you haven’t exercised in a long time or if you are suffering from some sort of medical condition, you should probably rethink your decision. While such rigorous training doesn’t require a person to be in top physical condition, it does require that a person be in good physical condition and can cope with the physical demands of the training.

People choose boot camps over self-training or going to the gym because it relies not only on self-motivation but on actual force. Just like a person would have to do everything that a drill master says in the military or else flunk, the same force applies in boot camps. So if someone is not feeling like jogging for an hour, being unmotivated is not an excuse. The discipline aspect of it is a great draw for most people.

Another reason why people are attracted to boot camps is that it offers various amounts of activities. It’s not the usual treadmill and resistance machine routine, but there will be walls to climb, tires to jump upon and obstacles to crawl under. This draws a lot of people who want their work out to be more interactive or more team oriented.  Boot camps can also foster new friendships because it is a class, and many thrive on the camaraderie that in engenders.

Before signing up to a boot camp, it is best to consult with your doctor. If you are suffering from a certain medical condition, are pregnant, or over the age of 40 and have not been physically active for some time, it is probably best to not participate in a boot camp and instead opt for a less demanding fitness regimen.

Finally before signing up to a particular class, make sure that you know all that you’re getting yourself into. You don’t want to sign up, pay and then realize that this is not your cup of tea. Talk to the facilitator to clear up any questions that you might have. And finally, it would make sense to train for the time leading up to the boot camp so you can be sure that you have the stamina and strength to go through the intense training.