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Get Rid Of Clutter - Simplify - The Basic Beauty Kit

Let’s face it: not everyone has the time to concentrate on keeping the skin healthy. With today’s fast paced world, a woman’s time is split between career, family, friends, relationships etcetera. Rarely will she have the time to devote to choosing the right skin care products, reading labels or developing a regimen for her skin. The good news is that skin care does not have to be complicated. There are ways to take care of your skin without having to devote hours at a skin care clinic or poring over a bazillion products in the department store.

A busy girl needs to clear the clutter in her life, and this includes your skin care closet. You may have been building up a collection over the years, with many bottles that bear an expiration date that goes way back from when you were still dating that guy. Throw out anything that you haven’t been using and you don’t think you’ll ever use. Simplify your life, keep only the essentials and the products that you think you will be using most often.

When everything has been cleared up and your options have been pared down, line up the basics in your skin care closet for easy retrieval. This will usually comprise of a gentle facial cleanser, an exfoliating cream/cleanser, a day moisturizer, a night moisturizer, and a UV protector or facial sunscreen. It will also be useful to have a makeup remover and eye cream around. Put together a routine that you will follow for the day, i.e. cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and protect; and a routine for the night, i.e. cleanse, remove, moisturize.

Now let’s talk about professional facial schedules. You may think that a professional facial appointment is a misappropriation of schedule, but the truth is that getting your skin taken care of at least once a month (for a couple of hours) will probably save you hours of covering up with makeup, or dealing with breakouts. A facial can rid your face of blackheads and whiteheads that can form into pimples, while a professional peel can reveal a softer younger skin that moisturizers alone just won’t achieve. Think of a trip to the dermatologist as a well-deserved me-time. Not only will this reveal a better skin, it can also alleviate stress, and stress is never good for the skin.

Busy girls will also probably be always on the go. If you are a big business traveler, you will need an emergency skin care kit that will work overtime for you. It would help to keep this kit handy at all times, stashed in your tote. This should comprise of cleansing wipes, a small moisturizing tube, a small tube of facial wash, and some lip balm. Even without makeup, you can wake your skin up in any emergency situation with this kit.

If there are just days when you are ready to crash as soon as you set foot inside the house, it would help to have cleansing wipes or makeup remover pads on your bedside table. No matter how tired you are, take some time to cleanse off the grime and oil and makeup of the day even if you’re half asleep. Do it before you retire, so that you won’t regret it in the morning.