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Swimming - Great Exercise! Low Impact Aerobic Exercise

When toning the body and getting much needed aerobic exercise, many often overlook swimming. This is probably influenced by childhood memories of just paddling on the water, supported by floaties. It may seem like swimming does not take much effort at all, but while that might be true in some respect it is not entirely true. The water offers support which qualifies it as low impact, but the water also offers resistance which makes your muscles contract while swimming which gives it the toning benefits.
Swimming is great for those who are just beginning on a fitness regimen because it is a low impact aerobic activity that minimizes the strain on joints like the knees as well as on the feet and ankles, unlike running. For this same reason, it is great for people who are suffering from an injury, suffering from obesity, or suffering from arthritis and other pre-existing medical conditions that may affect the way you move. Swimming is able to give you your exercise without aggravating these conditions.

Swimming can be done both indoors and outdoors such as in the local gym, YMCA, community clubhouse or even at home if you are fortunate enough to have a pool, or at a friend’s. If done for fitness, swimming is best done in a pool rather than in bodies of water (i.e. lakes, rivers, sea) which can be unpredictable and unsafe to the untrained. Many adults are hesitant to take up swimming as a sport because they feel like they don’t swim well enough and that they are too old to take up lessons, afraid that they will look silly as a swimming student. There are many adult classes being offered for swimming, some for total beginners and some refresher courses for those who haven’t swam for some time. You could even sign up for a private course is that is what you prefer.

Swimming lessons can teach you about the different types of strokes, and you can choose which one suits you best and perfect it. Some will choose one over the other because it may be the easier or the harder thing to do. Some strokes include the crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, and the butterfly. Regular swimming works all the muscle groups in your body especially if these strokes are combined, it can also develop strength, endurance and stamina. The aerobic exercise makes your heart and lungs work harder, strengthening it in the process.

Swimming can also do wonders for your state of mind. The water can calm you down after a particularly stressful day, by bringing your temperature down. On days like this consider swimming at a leisurely pace, you may even follow this up with a massage for a blissful rest afterwards.

Swimming is a great exercise that can be done by practically anyone, but you should make sure that you can swim properly before going into the water so that you wouldn’t risk drowning. If you are not very confident about your swimming abilities or feel that you might panic in deep water, stick to lap lanes whose depth is lower than your height so you can touch the ground. Continue practicing and make sure you have assistance when you decide to go in deeper waters. Practice with a guide until you feel confident enough to swim on you own.