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Don't Try To Fight This Alone!

No man is an island—John Donne's mantra has become almost a cliché, but this is true. What does this phrase mean? It means that no man could live alone, that he is not an inanimate object like an island that can survive adrift, alone. This is especially true for people who are undergoing a difficult point in their lives such as having a battle with cancer.
Of course there is the obvious: you need your medical team so that you can fight and manage the disease. It would be good if you develop a good and open relationship with your doctor so that it invites honest interaction. You can tell your doctors you fears and ask him all the questions regarding your disease as you can.

Having somebody you trust and is very close to you is very important when you are about to find out the result from your medical exams, whether you have cancer or not. It will also be helpful to have people who care about you accompany you in milestone medical visits, such as chemotherapy sessions and checkups on whether your cancer treatment worked. You will not only need physical support on getting to and coming from the hospital, you will also need the emotional support for any discouraging news that you may receive. Being diagnosed with cancer is a life changing event and may be something that is too much for you to handle. Knowing that there is a shoulder for you to cry on can make the initial trauma of being diagnosed with cancer a little easier to handle.

Getting to the business of treating cancer may leave you sapped of energy. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments may leave you feeling fatigued and because of this you may be unable to perform tasks that you used to do independently. You may need to rely on other people for heavy household chores, and you may also need assistance on personal chores such as going to the bathroom. It is hard and it might be embarrassing but for many people there is no option. This is a time when you will need other people’s help.

It is also important to maintain a certain degree of normalcy in your life. Being visited or being taken out by friends and family for simple everyday things like going shopping, going to the movies, taking the dog for a walk, or taking short out of town trips can do wonders in lifting up your mood and boosting your morale. This lets you appreciate life and gives you all the more reason to fight the disease. Without people to do these activities with, it might be easy to wallow in self-pity and depression, and this is never good. A good, healthy disposition helps in the fight against cancer and having people around you is essential in achieving this good disposition when you have cancer.