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Live Longer - Work On The Belly!

A trim waist is a healthy waist. Sure, having a trim waist serves a lot of aesthetic purposes—you can wear midriff baring clothes with confidence, you look great shirtless, and you look great in many clothes. You don’t have to worry about having a “muffin top” nor do you have to let your great jeans hibernate in your closet. But beauty is not the only advantage of having a trim waist. When you reduce the amount of body fat in your abdominal area you lessen your risk of certain diseases including cardiovascular diseases, stroke, colorectal cancer, breast cancer and diabetes.
An expanding belly occurs when you consume too much and do too little. All those excess calories just head straight to your belly causing you to gain weight. Sometimes, it can be a natural part of aging (but it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it). As we get older our lean muscle mass decreases which makes more room for fat. The less muscles there are, then the less area the calories tend to be needed and thus it gets stored. For women, hormones play a role in this cycle since the decreased level of estrogen influences the deposit of fats in the belly area. There are fats that you can easily see and feel such as the rolls of flesh that distends from the torso which is called subcutaneous fat. But there are also fats buries deep within your torso that are wrapped around your organs which is called visceral fat which can cause health problems.

It’s not easy to lose belly fat but it is possible. Even if you have a normal body weight but you see your belly expanding with fat, you need to be concerned. There are many spot waist exercises that you can do in order to reveal the muscles and zap the fats but doing exercises aimed at the tummy are not enough. These fats can only be shaken off when spot exercises are combined with proper diet and aerobic exercise. No matter how religiously you perform your crunches, if you do not have a proper healthy diet and you do not sweat through aerobic exercises then you will have a low chance of losing that belly.

Foods recommended for the person who is trying to lose overall weight are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish. The consumption of red, fatty and processed meats should be kept to a minimum and the fats consumed should be unsaturated fats that come from nuts, olive oil, canola oil sesame oil etc. (in short, do your research about the kind of fats that you consume and stick to the good guys).

Aerobic exercises are also important because it shaves off the fat from the entire body. If you lower your body’s fat, the belly fat will inevitably be gone too, but it should start with a holistic approach. Try running, brisk walking, cycling, stationary biking, hiking and other forms of sports that make your heart pump faster and your body sweat. Aim for 20-30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day and supplement this with strength training targeting the stomach about 3-4 times a week. If you only do mild to moderate exercises you can do more. However, try not to do it every day because you need to give your muscles time to recover so that you avoid injuries.

Consult with your doctor about the best way to go about your waist trimming plan and ask him if the kind of exercises you had in mind are right for you. Once you’ve been given the clearance, you should engage the help of a fitness professional to show you the proper way of doing the exercises so that you can lessen the risk of having an injury.