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No Chaise - Exercise In The Water

Want to exercise but not so fond of the heat and sweat? Then hit the pool instead! Being by the pool is such a fun activity that can probably get you more up for it than being on dry land. It lets you burn calories without overheating and the water also provides support, making it a gentler aerobic activity for your joints. Compared to other exercises such as running or biking, when done properly, swimming poses lesser risk for injury.
So grab your swim suit, a sturdy beach ball and get cracking on your aerobic workout underwater! Each exercise should be done for about 30 seconds to 1 minute (rest then repeat) depending on your fitness level and on alternating days at most. Many of these exercises are designed for experienced swimmers so if you are a beginner, consult with a swim coach to avoid risk of drowning.

Exercise 1: The K tread

Move to the deeper end of the water. Tread the water and use your cupped hands for support, making small circles to keep you afloat. Bring your right leg directly in front of you in a straight line, toes pointing forward, while your other foot reaches for the bottom of the pool. Hold the pose for 5 seconds and then switch legs.

Exercise 2: Otter roll

This move is reminiscent of—you guessed it, the otter roll. This will remind you of footages of the playful looking animal diving and rolling through water. Float on your back hugging the beach ball with your legs together and feet extended. Roll towards the left and the over the ball and back to starting position, making a full revolution while using all the muscles you can engage. Beginners can settle for keeping their heads above water but rolling side to side while floating.

Exercise 3: Ball lever

In chest deep water, float face down while holding the ball directly ahead of you (your body and ball is forming a straight line). With force and with straight arms, bring the ball under you in an arc towards your thighs. Once it reaches your thighs, bend your elbows to bring it back to starting position.

Exercise 4: Pike skull

This is actually more of a strength exercise because it doesn’t entail much moving. Stand at about waist deep water in the pool and slowly bring yourself in a jackknife position underwater with your head and toes sticking out the surface. Your hands should be cupping and making circular motions at about hip level to keep you afloat. Propel yourself forward in this position for about 30 seconds.

Exercise 5: Wave maker

When doing this exercise, think about the waves that a dolphin’s tail would make when they propel themselves through water. Hold on to the edge of the pool with your left hand, facing the wall. Your right hand should be flat against the wall under the surface, fingers facing downwards. Keep your body straight along the surface and then start the dolphin-like motion, engaging your entire lower body including the abs and hips, making waves all around you.