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Good Balance

We sometimes see people walking with poles on one or both hands, looking like they’re skiing on streets. Not everyone will be familiar with these contraptions because only serious walkers usually walk with them. What are these poles and why do people use them when walking?
These contraptions are called walking poles, which gives a walker greater balance and stability while walking. It also allows a person to burn more calories while walking since it exercises the upper body including the arms as well. Walking poles also provide support for the lower back (since it helps users maintain proper posture) and joints. Walking poles and trekking poles (more specialized poles that are used by hikers) are also useful for walking in uneven terrain because it lets a person regain balance easily even when crossing streams or clambering over rocky ground.

Walking poles are of course borrowed from the more ancient idea of using a walking stick which also provides stability and balance for walking travelers. The newer, more sophisticated versions offer more benefits though, such as shock resistance and ergonomic features. Most walking poles will have handles that are at an angle for a more comfortable grip and to reduce risk of injury on the wrist. It will also be cushioned and will come with straps for ease of use and comfort.

Some poles will have a fixed width while some can be adjusted. If there is more than one walker in the household, it is best to purchase the adjustable length walking pole so that it can be used by more than one user.

When walking with the pole, you should grip the handles firmly and push off the ground with each stride. You’ll soon get into the rhythm and find that even the clanging of the tip of the pole in the ground sets you up in a good rhythmic pace. You can feel your arms working harder as well compared to if you weren’t using walking poles.

Walking poles offer advantages to the walker because for not much more effort, you are able to make so much more out of your walking routine. Not only that, it also minimizes your risk of injury by preventing missteps since it offers greater balance and coordination.