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Make Sure Your Diet Has All The Nutrients You Need

Our lives are riddled with choices and our diet lifestyle is another one of them. Some people choose to eat whatever they please, while others tend to be stricter in their diet. Vegetarianism is a plant-based diet under which falls a lot of other sub-categories. Broadly put, vegetarianism is a type of diet which is against the consumption of animals. Here are some of the more common sub-divisions of vegetarianism:

  • Ovo vegetarianism—the diet can include eggs but not dairy products like milk, cheeses
  • Lacto vegetarianism—this diet includes dairy products but not eggs
  • Lacto ovo vegetarianism—includes both eggs and dairy products including honey, yogurt, milk
  • Veganism—vegans only consume plant products and strictly no animal products or animal derived products. Most vegans are also against animal products in their lifestyle outside of food and they won’t use leather, wool, etc.
  • Raw veganism—Raw veganism stresses the importance of not overcooking their food. Raw vegans cook their food only up to a certain temperature and they mostly consume raw products like fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts etc.
  • Fruitarianism—only the fruits of the plants are gathered along with seeds and other parts that does not “harm” the plant

Some people may consider themselves semi-vegetarian, meaning their diets are composed mainly of plants, but infrequently they eat meat. Some also don’t consider fish technically meat, so they subsist on a plant based diet with fish but no other type of meat.

There are a number of reasons why a person might choose to be vegetarian. These reasons include:

  • They were raised in a vegetarian family
  • Their religious beliefs forbid them to eat animal meat
  • They do not like the taste of animal meat
  • They find animal meat expensive
  • They find it as a means to lose weight
  • They find meat processing concerning and might lead to illnesses
  • They have a compassion for animals which makes killing them for food unthinkable
  •  It is a personal bid to save the environment

Vegetarians adopt the lifestyle since they are able to get practically all the nutrition they need to live healthily without having to eat animal meat. Vegetarians also believe that they are living a healthier life because of this, by cutting down their cholesterol and fat intake. Many vegetarians report feeling better, lighter and overall healthier after adapting a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarians also believe in cutting off the “middle men” in terms of food and nutrition. Instead of utilizing land for animals and feeding them so much plant and water, these resources,  should be funneled directly to human consumption. Vegetarians believe that by doing so, we will be able to save the environment by conserving precious resources and lowering our carbon footprint.